Month: March 2012

How to Keep Your Kid from Getting Obese

Feeding children used to be easy. They ate what we cooked, and we cooked what our mother taught us and her mother taught her. Eating out was for holidays and anniversaries. There was a pitcher of water on the table, and sitting at the family table to eat was the rule nobody dared break on […]

Blood Sugar Monitors

For 18.8 million Americans with diabetes, blood sugar monitors can make a difference between life and death. These small electronic devices allow them to monitor their blood glucose with just one drop of blood, and to tell them if they need to adjust their medication, their food or their activities.

Diet or Regular – Soft Drinks May be Linked to Heart Disease

So many of us gave up our addiction to soft drinks and switched to diet sodas, out of guilt and concern for our waistline. We were so proud of ourselves and so self-righteous. But, it might not be enough. The latest study calls for concern because of potential link between diet soft drinks consumption and […]

Mighty Berries Keep the Old Age at Bay

Ageing happens to all of us, but we all prefer to age gracefully. The problem with old age is that it usually means loss of mobility and problems with memory. Fortunately, there is always something we can do to postpone reserving our place in an old age home. The latest research shows that eating berries […]

Natural Estrogen Enhancement

We need our estrogen. Both men and women produce it, but its role in women”s body is more obvious: it has crucial function in female reproductive system. The main job of estrogen, a group of several hormones, is to prepare the uterus to receive the egg by thickening the lining of the uterus wall. Estrogen […]

Coping With Stress at Work

We live to work. We are defined according to our profession, our professional accomplishments and the health of our bank accounts. We are educated and trained to be successful, not happy.   Constant pressure to produce results and to build our carriers is an environment of permanent stress. Some people thrive in stressful situations, and […]

10 Energy Boosting Tricks

It is three o’clock. You have not done half of the things on your list and you are completely exhausted. And not to mention what expects you once you get home. Sounds familiar? Our modern life insists that we burn a candle both ways. Most of us came up with our personal tricks to boost […]

Boost Testosterone Naturally

Men usually worry about their testosterone level only when they start experiencing low libido or have problem having an erection. But, testosterone is responsible for proper functioning of many of our systems, in men and women. In men, low testosterone can lead to obesity, bones prone to easy breaking, loss of muscles, depression, loss of […]

New Breast Screening Recommendations

Any women who survived breast cancer will tell the same story: they survived because their cancer has been detected in time, due to the annual mammogram. But, it seems that the doctors, or at least doctors employed by the government, do not agree that annual breast screening is so important, so they decided to change […]

Cinnamon Use and Abuse

Young people have been doing stupid and dangerous things for ever, to their mothers’ despair. Now, as we are finding out from the media, they are swallowing dry cinnamon, ending often in the hospital for getting the fine powder of this ancient spice in their lungs. How this particular madness came to be is not […]