Month: October 2012

Load On Tomatoes To Prevent Stroke

It is always gratifying to learn that something we love to eat is actually good for us. Tomatoes are one of the basic foods of Western cuisine and we love them in all shapes and forms. With juicy tomatoes, it is easy to cover our basic requirements for vegetables even if you do not like […]

Milk Is Not Just For Babies – It Helps Fight Colon Cancer

According to the CDC, in 2008, 142,950 Americans were diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 52,857 died from it. It is one of the most common and most deadly of all cancers. A group of Swedish scientists recently found that a protein from milk can affect how fast colon cancer cells grow, and reduce their grown […]

Telomeres Tell How Long We Are Going To Live

Would you like to know how long you are potentially going to live? There is no easy answer to that, but scientists are now able to tell us just that: what is our potential life span. The secret of our lifespan lies in the length of telomeres, small bodies at the end of our chromosomes.

The Power Of Power Naps

People who are able to have a short power nap and wake up restored and rested are to be envied. Who would not like to be able to take a short nap and be able to keep going like an energizer bunny? But, is power napping good for us or not is a question that […]

Pregnant woman

Healthy Pregnancy: Second Trimester

What months are included in the second trimester? The second trimester of pregnancy includes the fourth, fifth and sixth months. In a healthy pregnancy these months are the most tranquil time. The fourth month of pregnancy is the actual beginning of the second trimester and is the time when pregnant women feel at their very […]

Healthy Pregnancy: Last Few Months

What happens during the last few months? A healthy pregnancy during the last few months finds your baby growing, but moving less. The room in your womb is diminishing and baby is resting more. A baby can hear mother”s voice and other nearby voices. Your baby can distinguish the difference between light and dark and […]

Diabetes Symptoms

What is diabetes? Diabetes is an insulin related disease that can be chronic and is a direct result of how your body digests sugar or glucose which is the body’s main source of energy and fuel. Diabetes can be defined as having too much glucose in the blood and not enough in the cells of […]

Death By Disease

Diseases that cause death According to the World Health Organization death by disease is caused by only a few main maladies and these can be broken out by socioeconomic status. Each status has its own disease profiles and it is surprising how similar they are to one another.

The Best And Worst Exercises

Exercise to lose weight, get great abs, flat stomachs, and incredible gluts. Go to the gym, mimic exercises that look good, and get very discouraged when the end result is just pain. Avoid certain exercises that are not really effective; and find alternatives to get you to the perfect body; or just a slimmer one.

Re-Admission Statistics

Private insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid do not like to pay for re-admission and if re-admission is necessary for non-emergency situations these insurance providers do penalize the hospital and possibly the doctor. Studies have proven that a high proportion of hospital re-admissions are high preventable. To this end, there are strong financial […]