Month: March 2014

Human brain

Signs of a Brain Injury

With all the publicity about NFL, high school and even junior high football players working with traumatic brain injuries, now is a good time to read about what these injuries are, the symptoms, causes and how to prevent them. Traumatic brain injuries happen when an external spontaneous force produces brain dysfunction from a jolt or […]

Man running

The Top Fitness Trend for 2014

When you think of fitness trends for 2014 do you think of extreme bike riding, green smoothies or grueling yoga positions? The American College of Sports Medicine surveyed gym-goers and discovered some very interesting fitness solutions.

Tired man at wrok

What is a Hangover?

Almost 75% of all drinkers will recognize the feelings of a throbbing headache, exhaustion, muscle fatigue and queasiness after a night of indulgence. Why does drinking alcohol have to be so good at the front and so awful and the end? There are many different factors, but the most important one is dehydration.  

A girl sleeping

What Sleep Position is Healthiest?

Ahh, sleep. What a wonderful word! However if you are not sleeping in the best position, sleep can have a negative impact on your body. It might be hard to change sleep habits you have followed for years, but if your current position is hindering your health, you might need to change.

Hearing loss

Hearing Loss

It is inevitable that hearing loss (presbycusis) will gradually happen as you age. The National Institute of Health estimates at least one-third of all the people in the U.S. between 65 and 75 and older have some degree of hearing loss. Heredity and chronic exposure to loud noises are the primary reasons hearing is lost. […]

Knee Xray

Knee Replacement Therapy

Knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty will relieve pain and restore function in diseased and damaged knee joints. Your surgeon will cut away damaged bone and cartilage from your shin and thigh bones as well as remove your knee cap. Everything will be replaced with an artificial joint made from metal alloys, high grade plastics […]