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Chiropractic Has Role to Play in Easing Lower Back Pain: Study

Millions and millions of people suffer from lower back pain on a daily basis. And more every day find that bending and stretching isn’t as simple as it once was. Chiropractic care can help not just ease that pain, but even help you to heal and get past the source of the damage that is causing your back to hurt.

The personnel of the United States military represent a very large pool of people who all receive regular medical care. And unlike normal citizens, the data from their medical interactions is generally available to researchers. For this reason, the military is often a focus of research. When medical scientists investigating back pain looked at the military files, they found personnel who regularly visited a chiropractor reported less pain than those who merely visited doctors.

This is particularly interesting news right now, with concerns over opioid pain relievers continuing to rise. If back pain can be treated without drugs, and especially without addictive opioid medication, that would be a significant step in helping millions break away from problems with pain medication.

Chiropractors specialize in issues with muscles and the skeleton, particularly the spine and the nervous system. Most chiropractic treatment focuses on joint and musculoskeletal alignment to relieve pain and promote healing. It’s noninvasive and can be done with a simple visit.

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Healthy hair

Review: Apothecare Essentials Booster Shampoo Thickened My Fine Hair

Your hair is one of the key features everyone sees when you’re out and about in the world. When it’s flat and limp, it can not just leave you looking less than your best; it can cause you to feel less than your best as well. Pumping up your hair is a way to gain confidence and better personal presentation, all in one.

Apothecare Essentials is a new skin and hair care product from Unilever. The international manufacturing company says the Apothecare Essentials line is a one stop source for all your hair and skin needs. For hair, this starts with The Booster shampoo, which is the center of the line’s hair care arsenal.

Infused with floral and herbal scents such as rose hip and geranium, and fortified with aloe vera, The Booster shampoo can help increase the thickness and volume your hair enjoys. And unlike previous products that made similar claims, The Booster shampoo has been scientifically formulated to hold your hair all day. It cleans as well as boosts, so your hair is conditioned to stay thick and luxurious. When used with The Booster Conditioner, each strand will be smoothed to move naturally without falling flat and limp before lunch. The secret is micelles, which is all the rage in French skin products and is now making its way into hair as well.

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