Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Foot pain can be quite troublesome, or even downright debilitating depending on the level of pain you are experiencing. Not only can cause discomfort, but it can also affect your daily routine and even negatively impact your job. So, it is smart to take the necessary steps, pun intended, to avoid this condition from hindering your daily activities.

However, foot pain is not a particularly simple physical condition as a wide variety of factors can cause it. As you know, treatment of any ailment begins with its proper diagnosis. Knowledge is indeed power, and to help you prevent and lower the risk of experiencing this condition, we have compiled a list of causes connected to foot pain.


Common Causes Attributed to Foot Pain


We will be going through all the possible causes of foot pain down below. It is still best to consult and follow the advice of a medical professional, but understanding the probable root cause is always a step in the right direction in any subject matter.


  1. Specific Medical Conditions, Pre-Existing and Otherwise

One of the most common medical condition that affects the lower extremities is arthritis. Arthritis can affect any of the 33 joints that make up your foot, and any of those that are affected can significantly reduce mobility and cause pain and discomfort.

Another medical condition that is closely connected to foot pain is diabetes. Diabetes can cause nerve damage to one’s lower extremities. Diabetes can also cause foot sores, foot ulcers, and can block the arteries in the legs and feet, which can cause acute pain.

Weight is also a factor to consider. People who are obese will place tremendous pressure on their feet, which can damage the muscles over time. Pregnancy also has an identical effect on the integrity of your feet due to the quick increase in weight.

Below are the specific conditions that are often the cause of foot pain:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

To go into further detail, people who experience discomfort and pain in their feet most likely have plantar fasciitis. This condition results from damage or inflammation on the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the thick tissue that is located underneath your feet and connects your toes to your heel bone. This condition can be caused by overdoing high impact exercises like running and jogging.

Treatment of this condition revolves around physical therapy exercises focused on balance, stretching, and strengthening, as well as taking medications to combat the inflammation. Individuals who suffer from this condition are also recommended to get specially designed insoles that help relieve plantar fasciitis pain.

  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

This tendon connects the botto