Indiana CBD Law Ends Police Raids On Vendors & Months Of Legal Confusion

Indiana CBD Law Ends Police Raids On Vendors & Months Of Legal Confusion

As medical cannabis laws become more and more relaxed around the nation, there is an increasingly complex array of different regulatory structures and legal issues to understand. However, in some cases, these evolutions of the regulatory landscape have also provided increased clarity and simplification for affected parties.

This is exactly the case with respect to a new law in Indiana clarifying the regulatory status of CBD, the popular cannabis-based oil that has strong anti-inflammatory properties, is non-psychotropic, and can be used in a wide range of medical applications. Historically, the previous Indiana state law was written very narrowly, applying the legally-allowable use of CBD only to people who suffer from severe epilepsy, while keeping its use illegal for any other medical purposes.

This interpretation by the police let them to raid sellers of CBD who were providing it to patients with other symptoms and diseases. However, the new law, signed by the Governor recently, expands the legality of CBD completely, so that now any consumer in Indiana can purchase and use this product for any specific medical need. This new bill was widely lauded, as it will end the longstanding ambiguity and misdirected police action that had long created issues with legitimate vendors and users of this very versatile medicine.

Key Points:

  • 1There was confusion about the legality of CBD, where police and lawmakers were at odds.
  • 2Police were raiding vendors, because they interpreted the law differently from the politicians.
  • 3The new law will allow Indiana to have lots of CBD sales.

any consumer in Indiana by state law can consume hemp products with CBD without any repercussions

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