A Child’s Eye – Living with COPD

COPD does not have to ruin your life . You can still do all of the things that you love with the ones you love. There is help. Nobody should have to go through this disease alone. The COPD foundation helps brings families back together. That is their mission. COPD doesn’t just affect the individual it hurts whole families. Several memories and experiences are missed out on because of it. So don’t miss out on time that you could be spending with children or even grandchildren who really love you and enjoy spending time with you. Activities like soccer, walking, or running just should not ruin the moment. It’s important to be the you you have always been. Not crawled up in a bed. Life can still be exciting and enjoyable, so don’t let it take life away from you. Go out and enjoy the little things by getting help!

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Help your loved ones cope with COPD
  • 2COPD foundation can help
  • 3Your life can get back to normal

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