Women Talk COPD : Paula on the New Strength She has Found During Her COPD Journey

An English woman named Paula and some fellow sufferers of COPD sit down for a chat on their condition. Paula talks about what having COPD has taught her about life and how it has changed her approach to it. The answer she gives is very surprising and inspiring, in a way. Paula says that having COPD has given her a newfound courage. She never used to be very outspoken, always the shy one; but since her ordeal with COPD, that has changed for the better. Suffering from COPD has shown her that life is valuable and should not be wasted being a coward. As she speaks candidly about how she has learned to speak up for herself, her listeners look on in awe, hanging on her every word.


Key Points of Video:

  • 1She is a very soft natured person.
  • 2She does not care anymore.
  • 3She now has a backbone.

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