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How to Stay Active This Summer with COPD

Sadly, chronic lung diseases are on the rise in the United States. And that means more and more Americans now have to reconsider their perspective on physical activities. After all, chronic lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), make breathing so much more difficult. In turn, there’s less oxygen to go around. The […]

The Tell-Tale Signs of COPD

COPD is categorized by a cough that is phlegmy and seems to be worse in the morning. There also an issue with blood oxygen levels. So the person with COPD may experience shortness of breath when they are completing physical activities. People with COPD have wheezing issues, which may sound like a whistling in the […]

COPD – An Incurable Respiratory Disease | In Good Shape – Interview

This video presented information concerning those suffering from COPD. The doctor explained the most common causes of this respiratory illness and specifically in what ways it affects the body’s health and overall functional processes, including details about the symptoms that a patient with this disease would present with. This video also includes information about various […]

Women Talk COPD : Paula on the New Strength She has Found During Her COPD Journey

An English woman named Paula and some fellow sufferers of COPD sit down for a chat on their condition. Paula talks about what having COPD has taught her about life and how it has changed her approach to it. The answer she gives is very surprising and inspiring, in a way. Paula says that having […]

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD is a common disease that is preventable and is unfortunately progressive. This disease is when people struggle with getting air out of their lungs after taking average breaths. This has to do with a couple of different things. Luckily, there are new improvements of medicine designed to help eliminate […]

Final Thoughts

The video “Final Thoughts” seems to be a conclusion video for a series of videos that center around the pulmonary disease known as C O P D. The doctor in the video tries to make clear that C O P D is a disease that can be treated if you are willing to talk openly […]

Diagnosis and Treatment Options for COPD

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) includes emphysema, bronchitis and asthma. To determine if one has COPD, several tests can be performed. A doctor will test to determine How much air one can intake and exhale, how fast the air can be exhaled from the lungs and how much carbon dioxide is in the blood. Some […]

Healthy Living Tips

Living with COPD does not have to be stressful. You can learn how to cope by following the tips presented in this video. The first thing you should do is to build a strong relationship with your healthcare team. Also, be sure to learn about your healthcare plan so that you can be prepared when […]

COPD and Its Effects

COPD is a surprisingly common yet somehow still unheard of lung condition that can be very serious and most often becomes more serious as time progresses. COPD manifests itself as a difficulty to exhale fully making the air you take in not nearly the quality, or fresh, as would be ideal. This is caused by […]

What Causes Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD

Visual description of COPD, and how it effects the body. Very precise video showing the lungs and how the disease is actually the result of two sub conditions. Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema are detailed and how they combine to create COPD. Lifestyle choices that can increase one’s likelihood of developing the disease are discussed. As […]