New Life TV Video – Parenting #3 – When Parenting Gets Tough

New Life TV Video – Parenting #3 – When Parenting Gets Tough

In this third part to the series, we look at when parenting gets hard.  Two issues that hopefully you won’t have to deal with but if you do here are some tips to help.

Adversarial Parenting

You may encounter adversity when you don’t see eye to eye on the way to parent your children whether you are:

Divorced –

Co-parenting with a former spouse and they don’t like you and they work against you is tough.

Separate what is in my control and accept what is out of my control.  If you are in a divorced shared parenting situation you only have control of some things.  Focus on the things you can control.

We don’t get to decide what the co-parent does but we do get to decide how we react to it.

Set aside your resentment of the other parent.

Focus on the common interest you both have in your kids.

Support what is respectable about the other parent.

Single Parents –

You can produce a healthy child with one parent.  Be connected, be loving and do your best to compensate for the missing parent.

Married Parents Who Can’t Agree –

Married parents can find that they don’t agree on what they do or why they do it.  Are you to stern?  Are they to lenient?  First, consider that the other spouse may be right.  Check yourself and your motives.  Try and view the situation from the other’s perspective.  I may think I am the better parent but my partner may be adversarial because I am not being realistic.  Finally, work on your connection to your spouse.  The closer the two of you are, the better you will parent.

Tough Reality Parenting

When the reality isn’t what you want or what you hoped for.  Accept what is true and deal with it.

If your child is having addiction issues – you must accept the reality and get the help you need.  You can’t ignore or wish this away.

This can happen even when you have been a good and faithful parent.

Disciplining our children when they are young can teach them that there are consequences for poor choices and bad behavior.

Proverbs 10:10 When you wink at wrong you cause trouble.  But an open rebuke brings lasting peace.

Key Points

  • 1Kids learn from our good examples and from our bad examples.
  • 2Your children will be a reflection of both you and your spouse.
  • 3Children will learn who they can count on. Who is looking out for what is best for them.

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