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New Life TV Video – Parenting #1

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Thoughts for the Holidays

Holidays do not need to be a time to binge on food. Learn how to celebrate Christ’s birthday in other ways. Although you can grant yourself the freedom to eat without guilt when you are hungry – savoring the tastes of your favorite holiday foods with pleasure – you can also make the day special […]

New Life TV: Narcissism & Addiction Video

Narcissistic traits are mechanisms we use to keep pain from the world away from us. (Self-protection)  Everyone to some degree can be narcissistic.  All people use narcissistic defenses from time to time. Most addicts feel:  shame, disgust at themselves, and unlovable.  This is what kicks in the need for the false narcissistic persona. Most addicts even […]

New Life TV: Loneliness Video

Everyone experiences loneliness from time to time.  But if you are suffering from chronic loneliness that is different.  Chronic loneliness can lead to depression.  But depression and loneliness are not the same. Action Steps to Breakout of Loneliness: Get out where people are that has meaning to you.  Example church or a hobby you enjoy (book […]

4 Steps To Repairing Trust In Your Relationship

Step 3:  There Must be Genuine Sorrow on the Part of the Betrayer. This also is a key to rebuilding trust.  Without it, it’s like building a brick wall without cement.  The goal of rebuilding trust is that at some point there is genuine sorrow on the part of the one who lived the lie, […]

10 Ways To Reduce The Stress of Single Parenting

8. Treat the kids like kids. Children have the right to enjoy childhood and mature at their own pace. Though single parenting can get lonely, resist the temptation to treat your children as a substitute for an adult partner. As much as possible, do not burden your children with your adult problems and frustrations. You […]

5 Fear Factors To Set You Free

4. Consider Medication – In the right combinations, medications work nearly 100 percent of the time. While most of the people who seek professional help are able to overcome their fears through counseling alone, many times panic-stricken patients need a physiological chemical change that will enable them to resolve their fear-related issues. Spiritual issues often […]

Ten Tips For Getting Unstuck

Tips To Build A Better Marriage Connection

7 Ways To Help Your Husband With His Anger

Being a man in the twenty-first century isn’t easy. In fact, trying to live up to a masculine ideal that may be nothing more than myth has left many men frustrated and angry. Often unable to express their emotions, these men appear buttoned-up until a seemingly minor setback unleashes a torrent of rage that can destroy personal and professional relationships. Life with a man who is angry is challenging and hard. But there are some things that you can do that can help both of you.