What Supplements are Best For Lowering Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can have detrimental effects on a person”s mind and body. Stress due to any reason can actually make a person develop physical symptoms, and is the leading cause of high blood pressure in a person. There are many natural supplements that one can take to lower stress and anxiety and improve their quality of life

Effects of Stress And Anxiety On The Body:

People who suffer from chronic stress usually feel depleted and fatigued and may also develop body aches and pains. Anxiety and stress can also cause a person to perpetually feel low, and body aches and pains can even necessitate the use of painkillers in a person which have many side effects as well. Stress also increases the blood pressure, due to which cardio vascular and kidney disease can develop. Chronic stress depletes the body of its energy and a person”s everyday performance also declines.

How Can One Cope With Stress And Anxiety?

Coping with constant stress is very difficult for some people without medical help. There are many natural supplements that one can take in order to relieve stress and anxiety, rather than anti-depressant drugs. If the source of constant stress and anxiety cannot be eliminated, and a person does not have strongly developed coping skills, then that person can actually lead to a state known as ” “burnout” .

What Supplements Can Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety?

During periods of stress, our body releases the fight or flight hormones, which make the body ready for action. When these hormones are constantly released, the body enters a state of constant fatigue. There are supplements that one can take to combat this fatigue and to reverse the effects of stress and anxiety. Some of these supplements are:

  • Herb Kava, which has a calming effect
  • 5 HTP
  • Vitamin B supplements which help replace deficiencies
  • Methyl Donors
  • Mind energizers
  • Herbs such as Ginseng
  • Celery seeds, these also help in decreasing the blood pressure
  • Valerian which has calming and sedating effects

These herbal supplements should be prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner and not be taken by a patient on their own.


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