Weight Loss Stalls After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss after bariatric surgery moves at its own pace, a fact which takes many people by surprise. After two or three weeks of successful and rapid weight loss, it can be somewhat disconcerting to realize that your body is no longer slimming down, regardless of how little food you put into your mouth. It is very difficult to carry on motivation to continue on your diet when it appears for all intents and purposes to no longer be effective. If you experience a weight loss stall, don’t panic. The most likely explanation for your weight plateauing is that your body is sorting itself out — and it should, since you’ve just been through major surgery! It may take another week or two, but if you continue on your diet, your weight will eventually start to drop again.

Key Points:

  • 1One common after-effect of gastric bypass weight-loss surgery is the weight loss stall, where you do not lose any weight at all for a week or more.
  • 2The weight loss stall typically happens 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery and is frustrating and worrying for many people. Some worry that the surgery did not work.
  • 3Some ways to cope with the weight loss stall are to remind yourself that your body has been through trauma and is trying to adjust, to weigh yourself weekly instead of daily, and to remain optimistic.

Take it as it comes, with no expectations, and the ups and downs in your journey will be easier to take.

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