9 Women Tell the Truth About Life After Hair Loss

At first the women describe how it was when they had hair. When they found out they were losing their hair, it was hard for them to deal with it. They decided to accept the hair lost and cut off their hair. They felt liberated the first time they put on a wig. The wig reminded them of the girl they were before. Before their hair fell off, the nurses suggested to get a wig or wear a hat or scarf to look like themselves. The wig helped them through the thought of not wanting to be without hair. Their friends said that they were beautiful and that they should never put on the wig again. They noticed more than just hair, they noticed beautiful features on someones face. It made them appreciate the fun of make up. They realize that in history people have gone through with missing facial features.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1These women viewed their beauty or looks by their long hair
  • 2Not having long hair made them look at the facial features and make up that make you beautiful
  • 3People should recognize you for the person you are inside and not the way you used to look with long hair

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