6 Reasons to try yoga

6 Reasons to try yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian health regimen that has become popular all over the world. This is because research has conclusively proven the many benefits of consistent yoga practice. If you are still in doubt, here are six good reasons to try yoga.

  1. To Feel Good

Seasoned yoga practitioners say the practice makes them feel connected and aware. Yoga practice can help to reduce stress and tension. Perform the poses at your own pace to boost your mood.  In a research study, participants who did yoga reported lower hostility, sadness, and stress compared to those who didn’t. The participants also said they felt serene and self-assured after a yoga workout.

  1. For Better Concentration

A research project conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine reveals that yoga practice can boost concentration, reduce anxiety, and enhance motivation. Another study at the University of Illinois found that performing yoga poses can improve brain function and focus.

  1. To Enhance Your Flexibility

Yoga practice consists of gentle stretching that enhances the body’s flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. The poses make the body’s muscles limber and warm. Stretch yourself a little more every day to gradually improve your capacity to perform difficult poses.

  1. For Balance and Strength

Middle-aged people and seniors experience loss of balance as they age and suffer injuries due to falls. For this reason, hip and back surgeries are common in these age groups. Regular yoga practice can help as it improves balance as well as strength. It makes the core strong which can prevent back injuries.

  1. To Improve Your Posture 

Computer users and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle may suffer from bad posture. They can improve their posture through yoga poses that ease tense muscles in the upper back and shoulders. Regular yoga practice can strengthen these muscles and provide a confident posture.

  1. Yoga is Holistic

Yoga is more than an exercise regimen that enhances physical health. It is, in fact, a way of life that unites and harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit. If you suffer from a physical ailment like back pain, yoga can treat the condition holistically and help you get rid of it. Consistent yoga practice can serve to boost your physical, psychological, and spiritual health.


Yoga is a relatively cheap and convenient health regimen as you can perform the poses at home after learning the basics from a qualified instructor.