Hobbies To Pick Up This Summer

Hobbies To Pick Up This Summer

While summer may still be a couple of months away, that doesn’t have to stop you from making plans and thinking ahead about how you plan to spend your time. With social distancing still being a very real possibility throughout the summer months, not only would it be nice to think of some hobbies to pick this summer, but it would be great if they helped you to keep up with your social distancing measures.

So, to help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve gone ahead and created a list of fun hobbies that you can pick up this summer – some of which can be practiced even if social distancing measures are still in place.


Give Kayaking a Chance

If you’re looking for a hobby that encourages physical activity yet is relaxing at the same time, then you may want to look into kayaking. Kayaking can be a solo activity that you do all on your own, or with family members or friends. There are lakes all across the country that are absolutely ideal for kayakers of all skill levels, even beginners such as yourself.

What makes kayaking even better is the fact that you can combine other activities with it. Let’s say for example you want to do a little fishing – you could even go with a kayak and take it out on the lake do to your fishing. It’s much more budget-friendly and mobile than a standard boat, as you can just strap it to your car (using the proper roof racks) and take it anywhere you want to go.


Bird Watching Can be Incredibly Soothing

Bird watching is one of those hobbies that often gets an unfair reputation as being practiced strictly by seniors. Sure, it’s a great hobby for seniors, but it’s also just as much fun for every other age group – including kids. This is a hobby that combines an educational aspect with fun. You’ll be learning all about local species, their natural habitats, and behavior.

It is something you can indulge in right in your own backyard by setting up a feeding station, or you can visit parks and green spaces to take in their wildlife. There is no skill level involved; instead, it’s a matter of investing in a few handy birdwatching guides (that are local to your area), picking up a set of binoculars, and a notebook if you want to keep track of your sightings.

Again, this is an activity you can do on your own, with family, and/or friends.


Biking Gives You the Chance to Explore and Be Active

Then there is the hobby of biking. We aren’t talking about race bikes, or biking just for the workout element, rather biking to explore your surroundings. Whether that means your neighborhood, town/city,