Your Mode, Your Career and Your Life

Your Mode, Your Career and Your Life

Hey You, In the Matters of You,

Know Your Core Talents!


In working with businesses I use a test called the Kolbe Index A.  .  .  It is a test for natural modes of thinking.  .  . It shows how people naturally process information and under stress how we fall back to our own strengths to address the challenges we have in our lives.  


We have a Mode of Operandum that we tend to fall into and this patter is our strengths and our weaknesses.  It creates the challenges and opportunities for all of our life.


I am a high Quick Start 9,  high Fact Finding 7 and a low Follow Through 1 and Implementor 3.


These numbers make up my strengths in Creativity and Persuasion and my weaknesses in Execution and Methodic delivery.


I could have been a trial lawyer and would have sucked at just about anything that takes a high level of execution on long term projects.  .  .  Most of us have taken some kind of personality test but this test is just a little bit deeper and more insightful because your personality changes and core talents never change (unless you have a stroke).


After coaching over 1000 people in business and sometimes in careers I am always amazed at how much we as humans struggle to embrace our core talents.  Things that are effortless to us are usually the greatest ways we can create value and yet we struggle to ask for this.


We have been taught that work should feel like work which is the opposite from how it should feel if we are in our strengths.  Our strengths give us energy and we usually have untapped reservoirs that we use to accomplish more and more if we embrace our talents.


Find your Talents,  Know your Mode and then embrace this in your life and career and watch the value you can provide expand and yes the money will follow.


Its not supposed to feel like work.