Positive Thinking Controls Your Future

The thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself control your future; your financial, personal and relational future.   How you think and what you believe about your aspirations, your dreams and your ability to accomplish them determines whether you will accomplish them.   Positive thinking controls your future.

Most of us act on our feelings without ever recognizing that feelings do not have a life of their own.   They are inanimate.   They don”t just “come”.   We bring them to the surface.   We are truly in control of our feelings.   But if we are acting on our ‘feelings’, and we have control of our feelings, then we also have control of our future.

Feelings follow thoughts.   If you think you are angry with your spouse you will also feel that anger.   If you think you are in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend then you will feel love.   If you think you are successful you will feel successful no matter what your current station in life.   Begin to develop control over your thoughts and the self talk you do each day.

Catch yourself as you talk to yourself.   What are you saying?   Are they positive thoughts about your life and your ability to achieve or are you negating your achievements and determining your outcome before you even take that first step?

Positive thinking controls your future through retrieval of positive memories.   Retrieve and remember positive thoughts clearly.   By having memories you can retrieve you have the option of changing and creating choices for yourself.

Positive thinking is achieved through the influence of your environment.   Choose the people with whom you spend time very carefully.   You become who you hang out with.   If most of your friends are negative naysayers who believe your dreams are pie in the sky pipe dreams then you will not achieve them.   If you want success you hang around people who are successful.   Want to be positive about your life?   Make positive people your friends.

The law of attraction is at work here.   Positive thinking controls your future through the law of attraction.   There are many books and movies that address this law from the Bible to ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to the movie ‘The Secret”.   Each publication addresses the law from a different angle but make no mistake it is the same law.

If you are a positive thinker you will attract the positive in life.   If you have a negative outlook then negative things will happen in your live.   You think therefore you achieve.

People who wish to attract success into their lives focus on the opportunities they see in every situation while others see the obstacles they must overcome.   Successful people don”t ignore the obstacles but they see them as opportunities instead of insurmountable stumbling blocks that will create a negative emotional force in their lives.

People who use positive thinking to control their future see potential growth and rewards while others see the risk and the loss potential. Positive thinking has no effect unless you take some kind of massive action to improve your results and create your future.

A key principle in the law of attraction and positive thinking is that successful people focus on what they do want while others focus on what they don”t want.   For instance rich people focus on getting richer while less fortunate people focus on not being poor.   The focus of thinking is different — the rich want more wealth while the poor just want to pay their bills.   If you desire to just pay the bills then that is what you”ll attract and you”ll just pay the bills never really getting ahead of the game.

Positive thinkers admire others in the position they wish to attain while others resent the people who have what they want.   While positive thinking controls your future life”s achievement it also affects how you live today — whether that is with gratefulness and gratitude for others who have gone before you or with anger, bitterness and resentment because you weren”t there first.


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