3 Triggers of Anxiety That Everyone Should Know

Anxiety can be hard to deal with, and even more so in a digital world. The stress of technology and advancements on the mind is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, especially since we’re all dependent on technology in one way or another.

Anxiety can stem from a number of causes – stress, worry, bad eating and sleeping habits, and even some hidden after effects of trauma and depression. Anxiety manifests itself not just mentally, but physically as well. There are a number of symptoms which appear every now and then. Some instances of anxiety can be called “attacks”, but those are usually in the more severe cases.

Stress can generate from multiple causes – the most common one being workplace stress. Deadlines, targets, long lists of tasks can be too much for the mind to handle at time. However, students suffer from anxiety too, as academic pressure can also be a valid cause. Anxiety isn’t restricted to age or gender, and can be found in many cases where the patient seems completely normal otherwise.


In recent times, Nootropics have been used for multiple causes, anxiety being one of them. While not all types of Nootropics are suitable, some can be used as effective treatment. Considering that Nootropics can improve brain power and cognitive function, it does help the user to better control their mental and physical responses to situations that make them anxious.

Some important remedies to deal with anxiety would be to exercise regularly, eat healthy food, have a strict and monitored sleep cycle, and also to engage in activity that stimulates your brain. Yoga and meditation have also proven useful on many accounts for deal with anxiety. Most importantly, seeking out for help and finding someone to talk to really eases the stress on the mind and body, and also leads to effective control of the effects of anxiety.

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adam cote
15. March 2018
adam cote
15. March 2018
I like this, except for the fact that the article is promoted by a company that wants to sell a specific product mentioned in the article.


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