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Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

I’ve heard the saying “practice makes perfect” thrown around for years, and I just don’t get it. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize, Not The Scale

If we are trying to accomplish anything in life, it’s vital that we stay focused, but on the right things. I’ve been helping people lose weight, tone up and change their thinking for many years now and I’ve noticed some interesting things, especially in the area of weight loss.

Your Mind, The Most Powerful Muscle

There’s nothing that I recommend that I haven’t done for myself over the years. In fact, you benefit from my being able to condense what has taken me years to accomplish into simple, fun and engaging activities as I expand on this series of articles.

Workout partners

Finding a Workout Partner

Research shows that working out with a friend or partner increases the likelihood of getting results. However, it’s important that you get the right one!

Fitness fun

Fitness Fun

The title alone is controversial at best. Sure, those who genuinely love working out, getting into shape, and staying healthy find fitness fun. Unfortunately, for a good number of people, the word “fitness” makes them cringe. It makes them want to run in the opposite direction.

Family on Hiking

Fast Facts on Fitness

LESS STRESSING, MORE MOVING As much as the very thought of exercising may stress you out, studies show that regular movement can actually melt away stress. It’s basically the reason why people go dancing to have a good time or when people use their hands a lot when they