Your Mind, The Most Powerful Muscle

There’s nothing that I recommend that I haven’t done for myself over the years. In fact, you benefit from my being able to condense what has taken me years to accomplish into simple, fun and engaging activities as I expand on this series of articles.

Before we get started, I’m going to leave you with an excerpt from one of my all-time favorite books, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. I’ve read this book more than 100 times, and I can honestly say that it’s  transformed my life. Here’s James Allen on how your thoughts directly relate to how you look and feel:


Effect of Thought on Health and the Body

The body is a servant of the mind. It obeys the operations  of the mind, whether they are deliberately chosen or  automatically expressed. At the bidding of unlawful  thoughts the body sinks rapidly into disease and decay; at  the command of glad and beautiful thoughts it becomes  clothed with youthfulness and beauty.

Disease and health, like circumstances, are rooted in  thought. Sickly thoughts will express themselves through a  sickly body. Thoughts of fear have been known to kill a  man as speedily as a bullet, and they are continually killing  thousands of people just as surely as though less rapidly.  The people who live in fear of disease are the people who  get it.  Anxiety quickly emoralizes the whole body, and  lays it open to the entrance of disease; while impure  thoughts, even if not physically indulged, will soon shatter  the nervous system.

Strong, pure and happy thoughts build up the body in  vigor and grace. The body is a delicate and plastic  instrument, which responds readily to the thoughts by  which it is impressed, and habits of thought will produce  their own effects, good or bad, upon it.

Men will continue to have impure and poisoned blood long  as they propagate unclean thoughts. Out of a clean heart  comes a clean life and a clean body. Out of a defiled mind  proceeds a defiled life and a corrupt body. Thought is the  font of action, life and manifestation; make the fountain  pure, and all will be pure.

Change of diet will not help a man who will not change his  thoughts. When a man makes his thoughts pure, he no  longer desires impure food.  Clean thoughts make clean habits. The so-called saint who  does not wash his body is not a saint. He who has  strengthened and purified his thoughts does not need to  consider the malevolent microbe.

If you would perfect your body, guard your mind. If you  would renew your body, beautify your mind. Thoughts of  malice, envy, disappointment and despondency rob the  body of its health and grace. A sour face does not come by  chance; it is made of sour thoughts. Wrinkles that mar are  drawn by folly, passion and pride.

I know a woman of ninety-six who has the bright, innocent  face of a girl. I know a man well under middle age whose  face is drawn into inharmonious contours. The one is the  result of a sweet and sunny disposition; the other is the  outcome of passion and discontent.

As you cannot have a sweet and wholesome abode unless  you admit the air and sunshine freely into your rooms, so  a strong body and a bright, happy or serene countenance  can only result from the free admittance into the mind of  thoughts of joy and good will and serenity.

On the faces of the aged there are wrinkles made by  sympathy; others by strong and pure thought and others  are carved by passion: who cannot distinguish them? With  those who have lived righteously, age is calm, peaceful  and softly mellowed, like the setting sun. I have recently  seen a philosopher on his deathbed. He was not old except  in years. He died sweetly and peacefully as he had lived.  There is no physician like peaceful thought for dissipating  the ills of the body; there is no comforter to compare with  good will for dispersing the shadows of grief and sorrow.  To live continually in thoughts of ill will, cynicism, suspicion  and envy is to be confined in a self-made prison hole. But  to think well of all, to be cheerful with all, to patiently learn  to find the good in all, such unselfish thoughts are the very  portals of heaven; and to dwell day by day in thoughts of  peace toward every creature will bring abounding peace to  their possessor.


Your mind is a powerful tool you can use to change your life. So do yourself a favor and fully engage in the process of evolving and growing in every aspect of who you are. Great things are going to happen to you, so let’s get started.


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