10 Things You Should Know About Staying Hydrated This Summer

10 Things You Should Know About Staying Hydrated This Summer

Summer is here and that means the mercury is going up. As you spend more time enjoying the outdoors upping your water intake become more important. Staying hydrated is important whether you are out for a run or hanging out at the beach. Here we will look at a few things you should know about staying hydrated this summer.

Hydration Tip #1: Know How Much You Need

The most important thing you should know about summer hydration is how much water you should be drinking each day. In years past many of us subscribed to the notion of 8 glasses a day as our goal. But is this really the ideal amount? The National Institute of Medicine states that an adequate intake (AI) of water for men is around 13 cups (3 liters) a day. The AI for women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) a day. What they also note is that this consumption does not have to be just water. It also includes other beverages and foods with high water content.

Hydration Tip #2: Put Back What you Lose

When you exercise, especially outdoors, you may need to replace the fluids you lose through sweating. In order to figure out how much you are losing there is an easy method you can use. When you are planning a more intense workout weigh yourself right before you start. Then weigh yourself again right as you finish your workout. If you have lost weight, you have depleted your fluids. A good rule of thumb is to drink 3 cups of fluid for every pound lost. Once you have an idea of how much water you lose when you workout you will know how much to drink before, during and after each workout.

Hydration Tip #3: Up Your Produce Intake

Drinking plenty of fluids is not the only way to get the hydration you need. Many types of produce (both fruits and veggies!) are full of liquid gold and count towards the amount of water you drink. Instead of that ninth glass of flavorless water, a juicy orange might be a very nice change of pace.

Hydration Tip #4: Think Ahead

When you know you have a day of activity coming up, it’s wise to think ahead and hydrate in advance. Whether you have a big race in the near future or are participating in a fun run, you should start upping your liquids the day before in order to avoid dehydrating. It’s a good idea to shoot for just over the recommended daily water intake the day before activity.

Hydration Tip #5: Spice Up Your Water

While a tall glass of ice cold water is wonderful on a hot day, when you drink glass after glass you can get bored. One way to keep drinking plenty of fluids is to have fun w