Benefits of Nuts for Stroke Prevention

Dr. Gregor conducted a study on three groups of patients that were at high risk of having a stroke or heart attack to see if diet changes can prevent illness. There was a control group that kept their original diet and two groups that used the Mediterranean diet – one group was given 4 tablespoons of pure olive oil and the other was given a half a pound of free nuts on a weekly basis.

After following 7447 patients for five years, the study indicated that there were less strokes among patients that added nuts to the Mediterranean diet than the control group along with less strokes among those patients that added the olive oil to the Mediterranean diet.

The article indicates that only 31 of those patients that added nuts suffered a heart attack in 5 years. The patients that added olive oil had 1 fewer victim of a heart attack from the control group were 38 individuals suffered a heart attack within the same 5 year period. Further, the group that added nuts cut their stroke risk in half. The Dr. Gregor provided many links to his charts that shows the results of this dietary study and the results are published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” for all those interested.

Key Points:

  • 1The Predimed study was famous for its comparison of three diets to potentially reduce heart attack risk.
  • 2Two large groups of people were told to consume a Mediterranean diet, augmented with either additional nuts, or olive oil.
  • 3A third group was merely asked to follow the American Health Association Guidelines and lessen their fat consumption.

About half were obese and diabetic and most had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but they had not yet had their first heart attack or stroke.

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