Estroven Weight Management Review – Does it Work?

Estroven Weight Management Review – Does it Work?

Estroven is a supplement that tries to minimize the effects of menopause and peri- menopause naturally. It uses the power of natural, plant based phytoestrogens. They break down oestrogen and break them down into oestrogen chemicals to minimize the effects of menopause on your body. When you go into menopause you have a reduction in oestrogen causes all kinds of mayhem. As your oestrogen goes down your chances for weight gain, heart problems, reduced bone density go up.

There is one problem with these plant based estrogen like hormones. For these to work effectively a certain bacteria has to be in your stomach called Equol. The Estroven supplement will not work for 50-70% of women.  There is another ingredient that is problematic. Estroven has black cohash. An ingredient that has some questionable research behind it.  There is one ingredient that is positive. It is called Synetrim IQ. It does not give the benefit of plant hormones. However is has been show to help with bone loss, mental health and weight management.  Estroven is kind of pricy for what you are getting. For $17 your are getting a medicine that contains soy hormones that only are effective for few and black cohosh  has no proven benefits. The only positive drug is synetrim which helps with bone loss, weight management and mental health (it helps improve serotonin in the brain). It is up to you if this is beneficial. If you take your vitamin D and have not much of a history of mental illness and are fairly in shape I would skip it. If you have a history of depression and weight problems and bone loss this may be a good purchase.

Key Points:

  • 1Estroven is a dietary supplement targeted towards those experiencing symptoms of menopause.
  • 2The cost of Estroven is $17 per month, which is a very reasonable price compared to similar supplements.
  • 3Estroven has the potential to improve quality of life and health by reducing the difficulties, burdens, and pains associated with menopause.

Right off the bat, we want to point out that Estroven is one of the only supplements that we