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100 years ago, all food was natural and organic. In recent years, scientists have genetically modified many of the foods we are consuming, and we are seeing an increase in an array of diseases. We don’t have a single clue what these scientists are putting into our fresh fruits and vegetables, much less what the ingredients in processed foods are, or the possible outcomes that could happen to us due to the consumption of these “frankenfoods.”

According to the American Cancer Society, 60% of all cancer is preventable. According to the American Heart Association, 80% of all heart disease is preventable. According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, 90% of all diabetes is preventable.

We need green vegetables to fuel our cells; high quality green veggies that are naturally dense with vitamins, minerals, and tons of health-building phytochemicals. We need protein to build muscles; high quality protein that does not bring carcinogens or trans fats with it. We need fruit to repair oxidative damage; high quality fruit that is not full of pesticides. When you consistently get all-natural superfoods into your body, it changes everything. You WILL have better energy, better sleep, better mental clarity, and so much more. Simply from flooding your cells with nutrients that help them to thrive.

So what if we told you that there is actually nutritious “fast food” that can make your life simpler and dramatically healthier?

You may be surprised that simply adding a high quality organic green drink, a natural “antioxidant tonic”, and patented amino acids that are absorbed in 23 minutes will make a world of a difference. And if you have not been doing so, you will definitely feel your body coming alive like never before.

Key Points:

  • 1We all need clean, high quality protein, fruits, and veggies in our daily diet. But we are not all getting them on a daily basis.
  • 2Core3 Daily is all about maximum nutrient density and convenience with minimal cost and environmental impact.
  • 3You will experience life at such a higher level on these pure protein, fruit, and veggie supplements that you won’t ever be tempted to go back to the days of neon energy drinks and dollar menus!
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