100 years ago, all food was natural and organic. In recent years, scientists have genetically modified many of the foods we are consuming, and we are seeing an increase in an array of diseases. We don’t have a single clue what these scientists are putting into our fresh fruits and vegetables, much less what the ingredients in processed foods are, or the possible outcomes that could happen to us due to the consumption of these “frankenfoods.” But, there is a solution that can help us steer clear of this problem and take a vacation from genetically modified and processed foods: The 10-day Transformation. By getting involved in this program, there are many positive health benefits that will occur. You will, without a doubt, lose weight. The average weight loss on this program is 11 pounds in 10 days.

This is by taking special plant-based amino acids with a high utilization rate that help the body burn fat while protecting the lean muscle mass, green superfood shakes that are loaded with nutrients to get your body fed on the cellular level, a delicious, natural, antioxidant “tonic” before bed that promotes deep, restful, restorative sleep and 2 other products to help hydrate the body and flush toxins out.

This is a clean and green, fat-burning and detoxifying opportunity that will ultimately cleanse your body and get you on a track for a healthier lifestyle, and it only takes 10 days. So don’t wait to start your 10-day transformation program today and get your life and body back. Give your body a 10-day vacation from processed foods, while flooding it instead with nutrient dense super foods and break food addictions, lose weight, enjoy the best sleep you’ve probably ever had and see your energy soar.

The 10-Day Transformation will enhance your metabolism and retrain your body to burn fat…and as a result, you will achieve accelerated and sustainable weight loss!


Key Points:

  • 1There is a steady rise in health issues in modern day society because the foods we consume are mostly processed, genetically modified and laden with herbicides and pesticides, as opposed to organically grown as in times past.
  • 2The ten day transformation promises to turn your body into a fat burning machine in ten days by giving it an infusion of highly absorbable protein to protect your lean muscle mass, and forcing your body to burn fat for energy.
  • 3On the ten day transformation, you also can eat healthy fruits and veggies along with your transformation products.
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