The Power of Network Marketing

The Power of Network Marketing

“I would rather profit from 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own efforts.”

—J Paul Getty – One of the First Billionaires in the World

PURIUM is a Business of Duplication

Your business income will compound as you enroll new people into our success system. You may know that a single penny doubled every day for 30 days becomes more than $5,000,000. What you may not realize is that on Day 10, you have just over $10. But, just 20 days later, you will have over $5 million! Because our business is highly leveraged, you may put in a to of effort the first several months for relatively small financial gains – but then the power of leverage, duplication and compounding will begin to work in your favor! New people will join your business (people you may have never met or contacted) and they will follow the system … and enroll others … who will enroll others.

“Compounding is one of the most powerful forces in all of nature. “

—Albert Einstein – Greatest Scientist of the 20th Century

Suddenly, your business will grow independently of your own direct efforts and that is a beautiful thing!

The SYSTEM is the Solution to Success.

Being system-dependent instead of people-dependent maximizes duplication and creates true residual income! Starbucks doesn’t make the best coffee, but they became the biggest coffee chain in the world, because they have the best system. Purium has BOTH, the best products and the best system.



If You Can Hand Out a Gift Card – You Can Be Successful with Purium!
Purium is a company with true integrity – with your health and wellness in mind. It is a company that believes in empowering its members financially through the powerful model of network marketing. Purium believes in their company and products so much that they have implemented a powerful and unique Gift Card Marketing Program which allows their members to get paid for giving away gift cards to potential customers and/or members.

Here is how the program works:
When you enroll in Purium with either the Gold, Platinum or Launch Enrollment Packs, you will also receive 20, 50 or 100 Gift Cards, respectively. Then you hand out the Gift Cards (or even email or text your Gift Card Code) to others. Your prospects will in turn, REDEEM the Gift Card for a full $50 credit toward ANY Purium product they want OR apply the $50 savings toward any Purium Enrollment Pack they choose. NO strings attached. That is how confident Purium is about their produc