Purium Review: 10 Day Transformation Days 0-3

Since we brought on board the Purium products to HealthStatus, I have been dabbling with the different products they offer, but have wanted to try the 10-day Transformation. My schedule had a favorable section with little travel and no big family events, so I ordered the kit.

The 10-day Transformation is sold as a complete kit at https://ishoppurium.com/products/10-day-transformation-cleansing. You get all the components you need, including a backpack and shaker blender bottle. I cut out the instruction page from the guide and taped it to the inside of my kitchen cabinet door just above all my “supplies” for quick reference. Also on the tops of the various bottles I wrote with a Sharpie pen, the general increments and amounts to help me keep it straight. For a couple of days leading up to my start I had started replacing one meal a day with the Gluten Free Power Shake, which is the main component of the 10-day program. I weighed for 3 straight days at about the same time of day, and then averaged those to come up with my “starting weight”.

Being an analytical person, I decided the best process for me would be to start on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, so I would only have to have one weekend in my ten days. I felt like that would be easier to manage with my schedule. So Wednesday started my 10 day window and I was off.

In the morning I started with 5 of the Amino tablets and one Super Lyte. I take pills pretty easily and down them three at a time, if you are not much of a pill swallower, (that may be a new word), this will be a challenge as you take 18 pills every day for the 10 days. Two hours later I had my first power shake. Two hours later back to another dose of the Amino and Super Lytes. You alternate every two hours between the pills and the shake. There is a moderate version of the 10 day where you can either skip a shake and eat a replacement meal (Purium has recipes for these replacement meals), but I chose to go straight with the Purium plan. The you finish the day with a couple of tablespoons of the Apothe-Cherry and the Daily Fiber Blend. The fiber blend that comes in the kit is the caramel apple flavor, and the Apothe-Cherry is a very tart cherry flavor, but I can say, mixing the two was NOT a tasty combination. I did have another bottle of the original flavor fiber powder and that was fine with the cherry mixed in. Otherwise, you can take the two separately.

One other thing I would add, use the shaker blend bottle, it makes the power shake much smoother. I thought the bottle would be a hassle to clean up, so the first couple of days I was just stirring (furiously) in a glass with a tea spoon. I never got it close what the bottle does. Once a day I would add a teaspoon of honey into the power shake just to give it a little different taste.

I stayed off the scales until day 3, then at the same time I had weighed to set my average, I got back on the scale. Three pounds had come off and 1% down on my body fat number. Energy wise I felt fine, I didn’t feel like I was running out of gas at the end of the day. The alternating pills, and shake kept me full enough to not have any desire to snack, so even though the calories are low your mouth and digestion are busy.

Watch for my next post on the last part of the transformation and how I came out.

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