5 Signs You Need To Visit A Certified Dentist

Are you hiding your smile? Do you feel pains or swelling?   Are you battling with bad breath or do you bleed while you brush? These are dental emergencies that must not be ignored.

When you have tooth and mouth issues you need to look for the best care possible.   That means a certified dental practice.   Graf Family Dentistry  a certified St. Matthews KY Dentist shared with us problems to watch for that require proper treatment and care. Let’s evaluate some symptoms of severe tooth problems.


Pain and Swelling in the Mouth or Neck Area

This is a sign that something has gone wrong in the tooth or gum in the mouth area.

The pain can be less frequent and might not be severe, but it is still abnormal and you need to see a dentist. A qualified dentist will check for infections, decay, gum disease, and give you a long term treatment plan



When you brush too hard or you floss after a long period of not flossing, you are likely to see blood in your spit. If this is consistent and you feel like a vampire when you brush or eat it is not normal. It is a sign that you are beginning to have periodontal disease.

There’s no need to waste time before giving your dentist a call.


Bad Breath and Colored Tooth

This can be very embarrassing. Many people often find it difficult to whisper to their colleagues at work. This can break an individual’s confidence in social situations.

In case brushing twice a day and after each meal does not do the trick, a certified St. Matthew Dentist will help you find out the underlying cause and get rid of these depressing problems.


Mouth Sores

Thrush or candidiasis are fungal infections and unlike common canker sores, they do not clear up on their own; they need to be treated.

If you notice white sores on the tongue, inner cheek, tonsils or roof of your mouth, and they do not appear to be healing, put a call through to your dentist as soon as possible.


Loose Tooth or Dental Work

As an adult, if you notice a shift or gap in your teeth, you need to see a dentist. More talking and eating can cause more damage to the teeth or even make them fall out. Also, if you have replaced a tooth and you notice a shift or a gap between the teeth, do not hesitate to call your dentist.


The best dentists in St. Matthews are well trained and certified to provide lasting solutions to all dental problems.

Your mouth is the window to your whole body. Food and drinks pass through it. Therefore, you should not allow symptoms of tooth, gum or mouth diseases to persist, get professional help from a dentist to minimize the risks of contaminating other parts of your body.

When you see these signs, do not panic. You don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed. The ideal thing is to schedule an appointment to keep your dental health in top shape.




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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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