5 Ways Your Career Might Be Secretly Harming Your Health

5 Ways Your Career Might Be Secretly Harming Your Health

How did we come to define success as the people who are busiest?

Work stress is bad for you physically and mentally.

Do you have a job where you sit all day long? – Being sedentary is bad for your health.  Here are some hacks for that:

  • Do something active in your free time
  • Take extra steps throughout the day
  • Stand when talking on the phone
  • Tap your feet while sitting will increase blood flow

Do you skip lunch or work through lunch?  When you skip lunch you often increase snacking and set yourself up to overeat at dinner.  Proper nutrition spread throughout the day is good for you.

Always say “yes” to overtime?  Face it everyone needs some time away from their tasks to decompress.  Downtime is critical.  When you take a break from your work, you improve productivity, increase your ability to concentrate and reduce work related stress.  Go ahead, only work 40 hours, see if you don’t like your job more.

Do you have inbox anxiety? Can’t let your emails wait till the morning.  Working right before bed can get you so focused on tomorrow’s tasks your brain won’t relax and you won’t get to sleep.  Set limits on when you will check in on work and when you get “me” time.  You need that little time away from work to be with loved ones and enjoy your life, without computers and cell phones.

Are you afraid to voice your opinion in meetings?   That can cause stress.  Speaking up when you feel it is important, makes you feel empowered.

Do not let your work damage your health!

Key Points:

  • 1Sitting all day and bad eating habits is not good for your health.
  • 2Working overtime and when off the clock is also bad.
  • 3Not bringing your concerns forward is bad for mental health.

Eight out of 10 of us have reported feeling stressed at work; when ignored, stress can cause some pretty major health problems—from migraines and ulcers to heart attacks and strokes.
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