Kick Start Your Weight Loss Motivation

Being on a weight loss diet for a week or more   can have your motivation waning. It doesn’t matter which weight loss diet you are on, whether you enjoy the food or if you have already lost some weight, your motivation to stay on the diet and see it though will fade. Why? Because that is how motivation works. It goes up and down like the waves in the ocean.

If you have found this to be what is happening to you and your dieting efforts, don’t worry! Even if you have thought about jumping   off the diet wagon, you can hop back on. These five top tips will help you kick start your weight loss motivation and get you back to happily dieting in no time.  

Weigh yourself daily. It sounds like a chore that may defeat your weight loss efforts, but studies show that weighing yourself daily will help you in your overall effort to lose weight. One study, published  by Annals of Behavior Medicine in December, 2005, concluded that ‘daily weighing is valuable to individuals trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain‘. Their 24-month research show that the women who keep control of tracking their weight were able to lose more.

Join an exercise class. It doesn’t have to be a high intensity aerobic class to be effective. This is about keeping your motivation high while you are losing weight. Exercise releases endorphins that will elevated your moods and keep you going towards your goals. The added benefit is it will also help you to lose the weight.

Get involved in a weight loss support group. Meeting weekly with a weight loss support group will jump start your motivation in ways you can only imagine. You will feel good about the progress you made, you will meet people who share your struggles and you will get tips and ideas that will help with your weight loss regimen.

Vary your weight loss routine. Change things up and you will not get caught in the mundane world of dieting sameness. Have you been eating the same snacks every day? That’s great if it is working in your diet plan, but there has to be some other snack you can switch it up with that has the same effect, right? People like variety, so change up your diet and routines enough to make them interesting and you’ll keep your weight loss motivation strong.

Get a visual weight loss goal and put it where you can see it. Whether it is a chart that you hang on the wall or pulling your sexiest skinny outfit out of the closet, you need to see your goal and keep it fresh in your mind. Remembering why you are bypassing dessert today will be easier when you have seen the reason today. Keeping your weight loss goals in mind will help motivate you to stay on your diet.

Dieting for weight loss can be a trial. But you need not lose your motivation to obtain your weight loss goals just because it isn’t easy. These five tips will help keep you on your plan.


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