Natural Cold and Flu Remedies From Around the World

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies From Around the World

It has been a rough summer for my family with colds being passed from person to person.  And summer is usually a time of reprieve from sickness.  This fall hasn’t started out much better.

In my family we usually pass on the tips and tricks of getting well from our parents and grandparents.  What do we do when someone is not feeling well? Call Mom or Grandma.  This wisdom is often helpful even if not medically based.  There is something to eating chicken soup when you don’t feel well.  And I am a firm believer that nothing is better on an upset stomach than 7-Up.

Family wisdom is good.  But consider that all families and all countries have their own unique wisdom, wouldn’t it be great if we could try their remedies.

In Cambodia they take ginger tea for sore throats and congestion.

In Mexico to fight congestion they use garlic and onion to lemon tea.  Or hot water with cinnamon and honey.

In South India they take a spoon full of honey and sprinkle powdered ginger and black pepper and ingest the whole thing to fights coughs and infections.

In the Philippines they eat Lugaw to heal colds and flu.  Lugaw is rice porridge with ginger and chicken.

In West Africa they put shea butter on the nose to relieve congestion.

So next time you are fighting a cold or flu you might want to expand your resources to those all around the world.

Key Points

  • 1Hot tea helps congestion and sore throats.
  • 2Honey is great for fighting infections and coughs.
  • 3Hot soup is good for colds and flu.

Children everywhere get colds and coughs, and they don’t always have access to a pharmacy or medical care. Find out what people around the world do for natural remedies to colds, coughs, and the flu.

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