Supplements That Help The Immune System

The immune system needs certain nutrients that can help increase its power. A person with strong immunity is less susceptible to infections and diseases. Supplements that boost the immune system can be taken in the form of tablets, and also through the diet.

How Does The Immune System Work?

The immune system is the special defense system of the body that fights against microorganisms and other pathogens. It is composed of special cells and proteins that fight against pathogens and tumor cells, while at the same time do not causing harm to the cells of the body.

What Supplements Help Boost The Immune System?

There are many special nutrients that help boost the immune system. The following have been proven to help boost the immunity:

Vitamin C:


Topping the list of immunity boosters is Vitamin C. this special vitamin is easy enough to obtain through the diet as its present in citrus fruits and supplements are also easy enough to take. This vitamin improves the immunity by increasing the production of the White Blood Cells that fight infections.


Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and also a very important immunity booster. This vitamin helps stimulate the production of cells called ” “natural killer cells” . These cells are the ones that seek out, and finally destroy cancer causing cells and also kill pathogens. This vitamin is present in vegetable oils, seeds and in grains.


Beta carotene helps increase the infection-fighting cells and the natural killer cells of the body. It also helps increase the number of helper T-cells. It is a powerful antioxidant as well, and removes free radicals form the body.


These are phytonutrients that aid the immune system by keeping the body safe from environmental pollutants.


Zinc increases the production of the white blood cells that help fight infections in the body. It also helps increase the number of the cells that fight cancer. Zinc is found in meats, oysters, fish and other sea food.


Garlic is a well known immunity booster which helps multiply the White Blood Cells of the body. It boosts the power of natural killer cells as well and improves the antibody production of the body.


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Tiara DeWitt
1. September 2018
Tiara DeWitt
1. September 2018
Hi, I'm in South Africa where we have No AWARENESS, no meds and no support ... I've started an npo Hepatitis Foundation South Africa and as a hepatitis warrior myself and having had tuberculosis 3 times now, I need help with my immune system, please?


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