TV And Your Health

TV And Your Health

I love television. I enjoy watching a variety of programs from news, to sports, to pure entertainment. With the choices we have today especially with all of the cable or dish channels you could watch something different every hour all day long and not repeat one single show. Amazing! There is power in the programming we watch, we can learn new things, be informed about the world, and witness live weather disasters.

Unfortunately many of us our struggling with overweight sedentary life styles that are detrimental to our overall health and TV watching can be partly to blame, the couch potato syndrome. I didn’t want to start out writing this article on the benefits of getting up and moving, which is SO important in keeping your body fit and your weight in the healthy range, I wanted to talk about the lifestyle examples we see on regular TV programming.

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I am a Mad Men fan. I can’t even figure out why I am a fan. I don’t particularly like any of the characters but somehow I have gotten sucked into their stories. Mad Men is a story set in a 1960’s advertising agency. If you watch Mad Men then you know that they drink and smoke ALL THE TIME, day and night. I find it slightly unbelievable that alcohol was kept in the offices and the employees drank throughout the day or that everyone smokes. Let”s hope that no one watching this show decides they want to emulate the characters. That much alcohol and cigarettes would be horrible for your health.

Other TV shows aren’t a whole lot better or movies for that matter. Very few entertainment shows offer a realistic picture of the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices. (Maybe that is why we like them, the lack of reality). But what we watch can greatly impact who we are and the choices we make. And more and more research is showing that lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption, smoking, over eating, and lack of exercise play an important role in our overall health.

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Lifestyle choices to focus on:

Weight – Keep your weight in your healthy weight range.

Ideal Weight