10 Lifesaving Location Devices for Dementia Patients

10 Lifesaving Location Devices for Dementia Patients

Diseases of cognitive decline, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, affect a patient’s memory in frightening ways. At the core of cognitive disorders is an inability to not just form new memories, but lose already existing ones. When this begins to happen, the patient can not only become disoriented; but lose the ability to function on a basic level as even fundamental skills and recollections are lost to the ravages of the disease. One of the primary purposes of caregivers assisting patients suffering from cognitive decline is a need to constantly keep track of them, to ensure they don’t hurt themselves through simple lack of knowledge of what could be dangerous. And even something like knowing to stay home, or where home is should the patient walk away from it, can become devastating for all involved.

Even the most dedicated caregiver can’t truly be available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The bathroom needs visiting, food and medications have to be retrieved and prepared. To help keep a loved one from wandering away looking for a mind they’ve lost, new devices can provide reassurance. These devices typically attach to the patient’s clothes, or can be worn like jewelry. They can provide real-time location tracking, or even be tied to alerts that will sound and message others should the patient leave a safe area such as their home.

  • AngelSense
  • GPS Smart Sole
  • iTraq
  • MedicAlert Safely Home
  • Mindme
  • PocketFinder
  • Project Lifesaver
  • Revolutionary Tracker
  • Safe Link
  • Trax

Key Points:

  • 1The disorientation associated with dementia can be scary for caregivers and those suffering with the disease.
  • 2Deciding if tracking is a good solution can be hard, but there are more options than ever before.
  • 3Making choices on safety and security is not easy but sometimes necessary.

There are now new solutions to address wandering and help keep your loved one safe and secure.

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