Lower Your Dementia Risk – Fit Minds Expert Interview with Dr. Paul Nussbaum

It is important to lower your risk of dementia as you enter old age. A lot of the best ways of going about doing this is to change your habits and implement new strategies. You want to keep your brain active and give it the nutrients it needs. Fruits and vitamin K are really helpful with that. Regular exercise and a commitment to lowering your personal levels of stress are also extremely helpful. Eating more fish also helps, and trying to learn new languages, meditation, and playing brain busting puzzle games can often give your brain a much needed jolt that will produce long lasting results in your fight against dementia. You also would want to kick bad habits like smoking and drinking, and maintain a healthy sleep schedule that gives you at least 7 hours a night.

Key Points of Dementia Interview:

  • 1You want your brain to be exposed to new experiences like being in a jungle -learning novel and complex things will help your brain develop brain resilience to try to delay onset of brain disease
  • 2Caregivers need to care for themselves to keep their brains healthy -Exercise and physical activity like walking 1 mile a day for 60 minutes a day you nurture your brain hippocampus to help with brain strength
  • 3Reducing stress in your life by giving yourself 30 minutes a day to yourself will help balance your brain -Increasing brain omega fats, meditating, and better nutrition help improve brain health

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