Zeroing Out Preventable Disability: Daring to Dream the Impossible Dream for Dementia Care

Across the world, many healthcare professionals are tying their best to improve the lives of people that suffer from brain disorders. The disorders that affect memory and mood and movement are very tough ones to deal with and many people across the world suffer from some kind of ailment that involves these attributes. There is an aspiration among the medical community to improve the standard of care for these people. Few people would argue against this goal, but realizing this goal and making it happen is a very daunting task.

But there is hope.  Many people are now coming together, sharing research and working toward a common goal.  Not unlike when we put someone on the moon (that too seemed a tough challenge) but it was accomplished.

Minimizing cognitive disability is a goal that we all have. In recent decades, the human lifespan has been lengthened quite a bit. This is due to treatment and awareness. However, this did not come without a cost and a very expensive cost. Treatment monitoring and diagnosis are proving to be very expensive things. There is a huge demand for long term care and this has made things very hard for people. The global dementia epidemic is one of the things that is providing a huge challenge to society. There are many challenges for society to overcome, but it is possible to achieve the dream for dementia care.

Key Points:

  • 1The lengthening of human life has brought with it a crisis in the form of rising costs for diagnosing, treating and caring for those in long-term care scenarios.
  • 2With care-providers and scientists from differing specialties converging on the problem, the goal can be to have a diagnosis of dementia to lead to zero disability.
  • 3Many inroads in understanding cognition loss have been achieved, but far fewer in terms of how best to prevent, treat and ultimately eliminate disability due to cognition impairment.

Any national strategic goal to improve the quality of care for dementia within 10 years is no more difficult, ambitious, or premature than the Apollo space program, the United States Interstate Highway System, the Panama Canal, or the South-to-North Water Diversion Project.

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Concerned about Dementia? Learn about this preventable disability and what you can do.
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