23 Amazing Health Benefits Of Having A Dog Around

Let’s face it: you brought home a dog because they’re adorable. Plus, there’s nothing quite like sharing your home with an animal that worships the ground you walk on. Lucky for you, there are plenty of health benefits involved with owning a pooch — including a few that may surprise you.

4 Non-Medical Ways To Help Your Body Heal Itself

When your body has recently been injured or has suffered from a disease, the most common recourse for post-treatment and healing is through medical ways. This is because doctors are the best professionals to know the best medicines that can help the body function effectively. This is, of course, given that you have no aversion […]

The Top Health Benefits Of Church Attendance

As committed followers, most of us spend our entire lives going to church. Many of us started this relationship as a child, holding the hands of our parents and it continues even after decades. We all understand that visiting a church on a regular basis does wonders for our spiritual growth. However, not many of […]

What Is Functional Medicine?

Aches And Pains: Are You Listening To What Your Body Might Be Telling You?

Your body talks to you all the time… but the question is, are you listening to it? The world we live in today is what some would call “connected.” This means that there is some platform or outlet that allows you to stay in constant communication with those near and far from you… In real […]

Boosting Your Independence If You Have A Disability