Going For A Mastopexy? Here Is How You Should Prepare

Mastopexy is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures that involve the removal of excess skin of the breast, and tightening and supporting the surrounding tissue. It is also known as breast lift surgery. Before you undergo any cosmetic procedure, it is vital that you prepare adequately: this will determine the success of the […]

Foot Pain? What You Need To Know About Ingrown Toenails

Five Health And Wellness Tips For College Students

College is the first time you’ll be on your own and it’s the perfect time to set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy eating and exercise habits. But with all the new activities and studying, it can be hard to find time to exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep, and recharge mentally and physically. […]

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

How are you dealing with your own stuff and a global crisis?

During this global pause are you feeling a little…or a lot…unbalanced? You’re not alone. Your normal routine may feel all messed up and ANXIETY is at an all-time high. You may have gained 10-15 pounds from so much stress, and you may feel like you have very little control…over ANYTHING. If you’re like most women […]

Coping With A Poor Health Diagnosis In Children

Parents want the best for their children. The hope is that their children are happy and healthy for the rest of their lives. So, when you hear the news from your child’s pediatrician that there’s something going on with your child’s health, it can be devastating. Though it may seem like your world is upside […]

How Using Weighted Blankets Will Improve Your Life

If you are thinking of purchasing a weighted blanket, try and make sure that you are buying from a trusted source and that you are getting your money’s worth.  After a long day, it would be a joy to lie on a soft bed, wrapped in a warm weighted blanket. Who doesn’t want to go […]

What Is A COVID-19 Human Elisa Kit And How Effective Is It?

The Coronavirus has been devastating in most countries nowadays, and a solution is just yet to be found. Even after doing several precautions like canceling flights and social distancing, the number of people getting infected daily is still steadily increasing. While some countries have been successful in their attempts to flatten the curve, a lot […]

6 Signs That Your Elderly Needs A Caregiver

As you age, your health isn’t getting any better. It’ll be difficult to maintain your regular lifestyle since you’re refused with mobility and comfort to move around. Being an elderly is a big challenge, but caregivers go out of their way to help these people. Caregivers have a wide variety of responsibilities to provide care […]

Tips To Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

It is a fact that a lot of emphases is put on the teeth these days. In fact, many individuals have taken the steps to improve their natural teeth by undergoing cosmetic surgery. While this is a great option for bad teeth, people with good teeth should be proud. Maintaining good oral hygiene will ensure […]