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Steve Arterburn is a nationally and internationally known speaker and has been featured in national media outlets such as Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN Live, The New York Times, ABC World News Tonight, GQ and Rolling Stone.Steve is a best-selling author of books such as Every Man’s Battle, Healing Is A Choice, and The 7-Minute Marriage Solution and recently co-authored Take Your Life Back with Dr. David Stoop, and The Mediterranean Love Plan, with wife Misty. Along with Dr. Dave Stoop, Steve edited and produced the #1 selling Life Recovery Bible. With over 8 million books in print he has been writing about God’s transformational truth since 1984, and has won three Gold Medallions for writing excellence.
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The Choice to Forgive: Healing Is A Choice

One day you are going to awaken and realize that everything in your life has changed. You will sense that you are no longer rooted in your past. You will realize that what once defined your life and your inner thoughts is no longer relevant to how you live your life. You won’t forget what […]

Powerlessness and How It Can Help You

Dealing with powerlessness is a tricky matter sometimes. First, we must realize that powerlessness in not necessarily hopelessness.   Powerlessness may just mean you are not in control right now. Second, it is important to admit our powerlessness to God and others. This can get us out of the way, allowing God to work in […]

Anxiety and Coping with our Fears

In addition to that, a lot of people have a predisposition towards being anxious – they’re a little more high strung and they cope by being very performance oriented. They stay busy, but when their lives begin to shift and they don’t have the same structure, the anxiety emerges.   How Do We Cope or […]