Month: June 2012

Healthy heart foods

Spice Up Your health

New treatments for the number one killer in the US  – heart disease  – always cause intense interest among both scientists and average people. This time the hope comes in a small but fiery package  – hot peppers. Scientists from the Chinese University in Hong Kong presented their findings about the effects of capsaicinoids on […]

Stop smoking

Mom, Please Quit Smoking

According to the CDC, there are about seven million children in the USA living with asthma. Frequent wheezing, choking, inability to play sports, constant hospital visits and endless stress and fear, it is not the way for a child to live. While the exact causes of childhood asthma are not clear, all scientists agree that […]

Sports drinks

How About a Nice, Cold, Refreshing 4-methylimidazole?

They say that ignorance is blessing. When you start reading what manufacturers put in your food that has nothing to do with its nutritional value, you might prefer not to know, or you might give up eating and drinking altogether. The information that is coming out on various ingredients in our popular soft drinks is […]

How Much Calcium is too Much?

Americans are fond of their vitamin supplements. We take them as sort of insurance policy against possible deficiencies caused by the “on the go” diet of fast food and prepackaged frozen meals. Even health-conscious people, especially women, who eat carefully prepared and planned meals, and who avoid taking multivitamin supplements, start taking extra calcium when […]

Weight Loss Supplements Can Damage Your Liver

The liver is our prime defense against toxins. Its job is to filter all the blood that comes from food before letting it into the rest of our body. That means that the liver is the first organ under the attack of all sorts of toxins we take from one source or another, including from […]

Healthy Backyard Games

Spring at last, spring at last” ¦ thank God almighty its spring at last! Now if I can just get the kids off of the video games and outside to play. Playtime is a good way for gets to get the exercise they need to develop strong, healthy bodies. Merely going out into the sunlight […]

Is Going Barefoot Good for You?

To shoe or not to shoe, that is the question. Well, ok, that was “corny”, but we are talking about feet. Man has walked the Earth for a long time, but he has only done it recently in shoes and  sandals. So apparently you can live without shoes, but they may not let you into […]

Mini Stroke

What is a mini stroke? A mini stroke is actually a transient ischemic attack (TIA), which is a temporary interruption of blood flow to a part of the brain. A mini stroke is basically the same thing as a normal stroke except that a mini stroke does not destroy brain cells and cause permanent damage […]

Running Form

As with all exercise, form in running is essential in creating a safe workout and ensuring your body has beneficial results with no extra strain from improper methods. Well, probably the most important part of a proper running form is to look where you are going. You wouldn”t want that cute young neighbor to see […]

Miserable Malalignment Syndrome

Miserable Malalignment Syndrome is a term used to describe a set of anatomical changes to the legs that cause knee pain and instability. The most common change being the internal rotation of the femur (thigh bone), this rotation usually occurs at the distal end where the femur forms the knee joint. Secondly is an inward […]