Month: December 2012

ADHD Medication As A Crime Prevention Tool

Kids with attention deficit disorder have problem focusing in school, are hyperactive and have problem curbing their impulses. But, what happens with those kids when they grow up? A group of Swedish scientists believe that the disease lasts throughout the life of many ADHD sufferers, often making them more prone to breaking the law.

Grapefruit vs. Prescription Drugs

We are aware that many of our medications can interfere with each others, or with a number of popular nutritional supplements. But, it is much less known that there are foods which can interfere with drugs with sometimes fatal consequences. Grapefruit is one of the most dangerous culprits.

Health Care Costs In Retirement

When estimating what you will need in health care costs at retirement, take into account that Medicare covers much less than traditional employer plans. You will need to have a plan for physician services, for prescription drugs and possibly hospitalization. There will also be deductibles and coinsurance payments and do know that vision and hearing […]

body fat caliper

Body Fat Caliper – Manual Body Fat Measurement

Body fat calipers are designed to measure skinfolds to determine how much subcutaneous fat or fat under the skin someone has. The numbers put into an equation from the caliper measurements are used to predict body density and fat percentages. Do note that body fat calipers do not measure body fat percentage directly they are […]

Weight Loss For Women

So, you want to lose some weight eh? Well you know there aren’t any shortcuts, no quick weight loss schemes ever really work. It all comes down to proper nutrition and exercise, whether you’re a man or a woman.

What Is Epilepsy?

The medical world uses the term “epilepsy” for a collection of disorders that interrupt the electrical synapses in the brain. Similar to a computer the brain is an intricate electrical system powered by at least 80 pulses of power per second. These electrical pulses move between nerve cells to produce feelings, memories and thoughts. Interruption […]

Headaches In Children

When kids complain of headaches, especially when working on their homework, parents usually plan a visit to an eye doctor. But, the latest research by scientists from the Albany medical Center in NY found that it is very seldom that the headache in kids is caused by the need for glasses. Instead of an eye […]

What Is Lasik Eye Surgery?

If eyeglasses are not an option and you hate putting in contact lenses you may want to consider LASIK eye surgery. Medically this surgery is called keratomileusia and it does have a tremendous track record of success. Most people love the results and would recommend this surgery to friends and family. However, there are those […]

Biggest Loser Competition? Here is How to WIN!!

It’s getting to be New Year’s resolution time and many companies will try and “encourage” weight loss with a “Biggest Loser” type contest.  Frankly, this is really a bad idea, as it can create all kinds of bad habits and damaging activities by the participants, as they starve, dehydrate and supplement themselves in an effort […]

My Alcohol Intake

If you are feeling that your alcohol intake is too high, you may need to consider cutting down or quitting. It is not easy, but if you know that your alcohol consumption is under control you can better enjoy your weekends.