A new procedure has recently come out to help heal broken bones. It uses stem cells and gene therapy to get your bone to regrow its own tissue. It is noninvasive alternative to surgery and bone grafting. Bone grafting is not optimal for results because it is: invasive, it can leave sharp edges and gaps at the fracture point, and requires healthy bone to be accessible. Using stem cells and gene therapy is a revolution in orthopedics. Using stem cells offers a solution to the problems of surgeries. It uses the natural body processes that are already within you to heal the bone. Naturally your body uses stem cells as your repair system. This new solution uses collagen matrix to activate stem cells and help regrow bone. Ultrasound pulses and micro bubbles help the stems cells get into other cells over a two week period. The treatment is injectable meaning that it is noninvasive, and the bone that grew at the injury site is as strong as normal bone. It takes 8 weeks for the bone to fully heal. The treatment can also be repeated to create more bone for more severe injuries. This new method has many advantages over older methods and may come to the clinic very soon.

Key Points:

  • 1New therapies are being developed with stem cells to hopefully replace the common bone grafting to repair bone fractures.
  • 2If tested and approved this type of procedure could prove very beneficial considering is minimally invasive compared to orthopedic procedures where are bone is harvested from the patient.
  • 3This procedure wouldn’t just help repair fractures it could actually help grow new bone.

Our method does not require the harvest of bone, which often leads to prolonged pain and hospitalization and risk of infection, and that is our advantage.


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One thought on “Using Stem Cells to Heal Broken Bones

  1. justus kiema

    how do you activate cell of a broken bone which has taken long to heal

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