31 Affirmations To Take Your Life Back

If there is something or someone that continues to exert power over your life – power that overwhelms your best intentions, sabotages your greatest efforts, and frustrates your deepest desires, then no formula, set of keys or steps will help you until you are able to take your life back. True freedom comes when you gain the strength to no longer live in reaction to the negative power and destructive control that keeps you from living the life you were meant to live.

You can learn to take charge of your past, and your current circumstances so you can look forward with confidence and faith to the road ahead. Isn’t it time to move from reactive attitudes and behaviors to a place where you can choose your response to what life brings your way?   Below are 31 affirmations to get you started on the path to take your life back.

  1. SEEING – Rejecting distortions and manipulation of the truth. I choose to see others as they really are and to see myself as I really am.
  2. SURRENDERING – Resisting the urge to take control. I choose to surrender to God and His wisdom.
  3. FEELING – Refusing to numb myself. I choose to honor my feelings and what I can learn from them.
  4. BELIEVING – Rejecting crippling doubt. I choose to believe that God is real and that He cares for me.
  5. HEALING – Allowing nothing and no one to take control over me. I surrender to the healing power of the Holy Spirit.
  6. CHOOSING – Refusing to believe the lie that I am stuck forever. I exercise my freedom to choose to do the next right thing.
  7. SEARCHING – Rejecting distortion and manipulation. I search for wisdom and truth from God to guide me in all I do.
  8. CONNECTING – Rejecting isolation, detachment and darkness. I choose to connect with God and others and to walk in the light.
  9. BELONGING – No longer feeling rejected or abandoned. I recognize that I am included, and I belong to God and to God’s people.
  10. RECEIVING – No longer bound by the demands and neediness of others. I receive from God and from others.
  11. AGREEING – Renouncing half-truths, shame and toxic distortions of reality. I agree with truth and everything that brings life.
  12. REFLECTING – No longer fearful of quiet and stillness. I choose to reflect on my life and learn from my experiences.
  13. STABILIZING – Avoiding the chaos that accompanies sickness. I choose stability.
  14. LEARNING – Living beyond the immediate urges and impulsive drives. I choose opportunities to learn and to grow in all aspects of my life.
  15. BUILDING – No longer falling apart. I choose to build up others and myself in body, mind and spirit.
  16. GROWING – Tolerating discomfort. I choose to grow in my relationships with God, other people and myself.
  17. INTEGRATING – No longer accommodating splintered pieces of myself. I choose to integrate all of who I am to become a healthy, whole and functioning individual.
  18. FORGIVING – No longer harboring bitterness and resenting. I choose to freely forgive others and myself.
  19. RESOLVING – No longer fleeing from conflict or avoiding confrontation.  I choose to resolve issues with others to promote peace, reconciliation, and healing.
  20. RESTORING – No longer stealing freedom from others or allowing them to steal mine. I choose to restore what has been lost.
  21. REACHING – No longer waiting for others to notice or validate me. I am reaching out to others when in need.
  22. SHARING – No longer hoarding possessions, talent, or time. I choose to share gracefully all that I have been given from God.
  23. SERVING – No longer enslaved to serve others under compulsion. I choose to serve with gratitude because God has called me to do it.
  24. GIVING – No longer greedily robbing others of their time, confidence, or reputation. I choose to give from the abundance that I have been given.
  25. LEADING – No longer allowing others to determine my course. I choose to stand up and lead others to a new way of living.
  26. PROVIDING – No longer taking whatever I can get from others. I provide others with time, attention, encouragement, affirmation, and respect.
  27. UTILIZING – No longer afraid to ask for help. I reap the benefits of resources that enrich my life.
  28. COMFORTING – No longer the victim of another’s neglect or cruelty. I take time to receive and experience comfort from God, others and myself.
  29. EXPERIENCING – No longer bullied by distractions and obsessions. I choose to experience being fully present wherever I am.
  30. PROTECTING – Avoiding dangerous people and places. I protect the gains that I have made by investing in those who help me stay grounded in reality.
  31. PERSEVERING – No longer a victim of my past. I persevere through difficult times to experience the blessings God has for me and for those I love.

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True freedom comes when you gain the strength to no longer live in reaction to the negative power and destructive control that keeps you from living the life you were meant to live.

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