How to Build Confidence Starting Where You are Today

How to Build Confidence Starting Where You are Today

With pools opening and the weather getting consecutively warmer everyday, we all know bikini season is coming up! This can be a daunting thing for women, but it doesn’t have to be anymore! Being bikini ready isn’t about being in perfect shape or finding the perfect suit, it’s about having confidence in yourself and being unique to who you are! Check out HealthStatus for workout tips to tone and shape and on how to be healthy and still look your best!

Follow these tips and look your best this summer:

  1. Good body language

People who look like they’re having fun and look like they feel good, normally do! Stop worrying about your tummy or hips and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery, whether at a local pool or on a beach in the Tropics!

  1. Own It

Take pride in your body! Other people are probably looking at certain parts of your body wishing they had what you do. (You know we all do this!) Instead of worrying about other people, flaunt what you have!

  1. Eat Right

Having a healthy diet is so important this summer! Stocking your fridge up with yummy fruits instead of junk food will help you beat your bad habits and will give you more energy to try something new!

  1. Pick the Right Bathing Suit

This one is important! Far too often people pick bathing suits off of color and style. This doesn’t always work and not everyone can fit into that tiny, string bikini! Find the suit that fits your body type and makes you feel great.

  1. Get Active

There’s no better time than the summer to get outdoors! There are endless activities that you can do with friends and family that you can only do during these short months. Get out there and go hiking, swimming, rock climbing, anything!

By doing these things, you will be bathing suit ready in no time!


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