Female Hair Loss

The Article gives a overview and detailed information into female hair loss or Androgenetic Alopecia as the scientific name is given for the condition. Where the article tells us that one third of women will suffer from the condition it also provides information about conditions and life styles that effect and make it more common. From the article it is to be noted that hormonal occurrences is the most common for the condition. Things such as pregnancy, birth control pills, and menopause are leading factors. Also taking too many vitamins and diet can cause hair thinning. Stress is also a determining factor in the thinning of a woman hair. In the article several myths are listed in regards to female hair loss. It is also stated that most doctors only hear a few of the myths on a general basis. We also learn that there is many treatment options ranging from counseling to medications that are prescribed. Concealment via extensions and or style or perm are also used to hide female hair loss.

Key Points:

  • 1Most common type of hair loss seen in women is androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern alopecia or baldness
  • 2The most common causes are physical stress, emotional stress,thyroid abnormalities, medications or hormonal causes.
  • 3There are several treatments available for hair loss including cosmetic options,medical therapy, hair replacement surgery and hair additions.

Surgeries, severe illnesses and emotional stress can cause hair loss. The body simply shuts down production of hair during periods of stress since it is not necessary for survival and instead devotes its energies toward repairing vital body structures.

Read the full article at: https://www.ahlc.org/female-hair-loss/


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Maria Vincent
11. November 2018
Maria Vincent
11. November 2018
Hello there, Thanks for the share. Hair loss is a pain and an awkward feeling for any women. They always tried to get rid of it. I like those key points. Brief and true solutions.


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