50 Insane Facts About Hair

Hair is fun because you can style it to express your own personality, and you can even change the color and length to suit yourself. Clairol did a study of the perceptions of people with certain hair colors. Blondes are flirty and fun, redheads are strong and brunettes are smart and serious. It’s also been said that only 1% of the population has red hair. Also, did you know that we have several elements in our hair, including possible traces of gold? Hair is the most used item for forensic evidence and our hair can tell whether or not we have been using illegal drugs. It might also surprise you to know that if a man never shaved his beard, it would grow to an amazing 30 feet long.

Key Points:

  • 1There are many interesting facts about hair color, biology, history, and beauty.
  • 2Each strand of hair contains up to 14 elements including trace amounts of gold.
  • 3Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body — Only bone marrow is quicker.

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