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As a woman you have some unique requirements when it comes to nutrients. Your body goes through things that men’s don’t and these events mean that you need more of certain nutrients. This article outlines 5 important nutrients that every woman needs.

  1. Iron

A deficiency of iron can result in fatigue and lack of concentration. It’s important that women of child-bearing age consume foods rich in iron as iron is lost during menstruation. Good sources of iron include red meat, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, and spinach.

  1. Folic acid

Folic acid is another important nutrient for women of child-bearing age. Folic acid helps to prevent neural tube defects that lead to cerebral palsy. You can get folic acid from avocado, lentils, black beans, and orange juice.

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium plays a part in over 300 chemical reactions in the body. Magnesium is also important for the absorption of calcium, another important nutrient for women of all ages. Magnesium is also a great detoxifier. Sources of magnesium include spinach, almonds, and halibut.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the cells from damage that can lead to illness. Vitamin C is also important for the production of collagen. If you want good-looking skin, you want to make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of vitamin C. Good sources of this important nutrient include red bell pepper, oranges, and strawberries.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also important for the absorption of calcium. It is also important for breast health. The sun is the best source of vitamin D, but you can also get it from oily fish, mushrooms, fortified cereals, and supplements. If you live in an area that doesn’t get much sun, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D through what you eat.

It’s important to eat a well-balanced diet in order to get all of the nutrients you need. As a woman you have some special nutritional needs, but by eating foods that you probably enjoy anyway, you can meet all those needs.


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