Wouldn’t it be great if you could burn more calories without much effort on your part?  We all understand that to lose weight we need to consume fewer calories than we burn.  When we do that our bodies change stored fat into energy….and guess what?   We lose weight!

There are some products that can help you to burn more calories without the time required for another workout.  You can use these products to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  Check out the options and see if there isn’t one or two that you should add to your routine.

Wearing a cooling vest.

The revolutionary vests must be used appropriately for you to experience the best results. You need to use it only when you are at a comfortable temperature. Examples of these scenarios are sitting in your car, watching a football game, driving, working in the office or resting in a room or in an outdoor area when not exercising.

You keep the cooling vest in the freezer when you are not using it. It takes less than a minute to get it from the freezer and on your body. After that, you can go about your daily tasks as if the vest does not exist. Wear it as long as you feel comfortable or until the ice melts away. Remove the cold vest and return it into the freezer.

When you wear it twice a day, you burn more calories than you would burn working out in the gym. It won’t improve your fitness like a trip to the gym will, but anything that can help us boost the metabolism without chemicals is a blessing.

We recommend the highly rated and affordable Cold Shoulder Vest. (click here)

Sitting on an exercise ball.

Try sitting on a balance ball or balance ball chair for a few hours each day you are stuck at a desk.  You will strengthen core muscles and burn calories.  If you go with the ball only, make sure you get one where your feet touch and it gets you high enough to be in proper posture to work on your desk.

Improves balance.
Good for back and posture.
Works abdominal and leg muscles as you maintain balance.

Balance balls come in multiple colors and sizes.

Balance ball chairs have a base with wheels and some have lumbar support.

Whole Body Vibration

Chiropractors have been using whole body vibration for years to help their patients ease aches and pains.  Now these systems can be used in your own home.

To use a whole body vibration machine you stand or sit on the machine in different poses while the machine vibrates plates at a high frequency which cause your muscles to involuntarily contract creating the effect of exercise.  The units without bars and supports on the sides are better as you can do a larger variety of positions on the units (sometimes I just lay down on mine to get a back massage), a center post for the controls is ok, just think about trying to do a situp or plie with the side bars in the way.

Several years ago some of the HealthStatus Team used Whole Body Vibration machines for one month to see what happened.  I participated and  decreased my measurements (got smaller and more toned), increased my strength, but did not lose weight.  I was able to do more sit ups and more push-ups after just one month using the Vibration System.  I was stronger and fitter without doing anything more than 15 minutes on the machine 5 days per week. I did not change my diet or do any additional exercise that was not normal for me.

Increases muscle strength.
Increases bone density.
Improves circulation.
Great for working out muscle strains and sprains with low impact.

**Please consult a medical professional if you have joint problems or a heart condition before using a whole body vibration system.

Pro models are a bit more expensive, but they don’t shake your whole house and are usually quieter than the cheap units.

Here is a “plate” whole body vibration system.

This whole body vibration machine has the center post for the controls, but the sides are clear.

Weight Vest

Anytime you add extra weight and continue to do your regular activities you will burn more calories.  (Maybe women with big heavy purses are burning calories they haven’t even considered).  You don’t have to be a runner or training to be a firefighter to wear one.  Put this on when you walk, mow the yard or vacuum the house.  You will be adding an additional 12% to 15% bump in calories burned while doing that activity.

Extra calories burned.
Increases strength.
Increase bone density.
Improves cardio endurance.

Here is a women’s weight vest.

This weight vest is unisex and adjustable.

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Negative Calorie Drinks

Changing or adding a healthy energy drink to your day, could provide that afternoon boost you need and burn some extra calories.  Manufacturers are getting smarter about making energy drinks that are beneficial to your health.  Some are proving that they can burn calories just by consuming them.

Increases metabolism.
Burns calories.

Celsius comes in both cans and packets you mix with water.

Aspire has really interesting flavors.

Sauna Shirts

We have talked about cooling are bodies to make them burn calories to warm them up.  Now let’s consider heating are bodies up and making us sweat.  Sweat is good for you.  It is a natural way to rid your body of toxins.  Your body must use extra energy to cool down your body temperature.  Many people use these shirts when they work out.  But you can also use them when you are just around the house to increase your energy expenditure.

Loosens muscles and increases flexibility.
Increases metabolism.
Burns calories.

Sauna Shirt for women, or Sauna Shirt for men.

These products are not a replacement for exercise and physical activity, they may help you accelerate your losses, or provide some short term calorie burning while getting through an injury.

Good luck with your health and weight loss goals!


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