4 Sneaky Tricks To Fight Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are caused by a serotonin that is produced by nerve cells that impacts your whole body. This is what many people call the happiness hormone that we all craze at some point or another. We can though, do somethings to decrease the sugar cravings. First, get enough sleep. Many people do not get ample amount of sleep each day. Without sleep, your brain responds differently to serotonin levels. Secondly, get moving! Regular exercise will increase your mood and reduce your desire to eat. Even if it is not but a half hour of walking, it will get your blood pumping to raise brain serotonin. Thirdly, eat better! Serotonin is found in our gut, not our brain so input good food that will increase this chemical. Good bacteria found in food will increase this process as well. Food such as nuts, salmon, cheese, and eggs are good sources of this. On top of that, make sure that you are putting good liquids in your body to help you feel better. Lastly, increase the amount of sunlight that you are around. Serotonin is release by your retina when introduced to sunlight. Therefore, it boosts your mood and your alertness. Serotonin affects more than just your mood; it affects your physical and metal wellbeing. As well, your emotional state will be higher and you will be able to say no to cravings. Allow your craving to become good food and sunlight. Get active and get enough rest as well to boost serotonin that can allow you to be a better you.

Key Points:

  • 1Serotonin is the hormone that controls the mood, food, and your waistline
  • 2Serotonin is mainly named as the happiness hormone because it stabilizes the mood and controls the most important bodily functions
  • 3Getting the right amount of sleep is the number one solution to maintaining the levels of serotonin so you won’t have to rely on fatty foods to stay awake

Lack of sleep has an enormous impact on how your brain responds to serotonin, and this will negatively impact your willpower, affect your energy and mood, and ultimately trigger those naughty food cravings

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